New Android Update Has Been Pulled By Google

On Monday, Google started to roll out a significant Android upgrade to its Pixel telephones — and then it ended. The AT&T construct is no longer recorded in Google’s Android API repository.

Google hasn’t stated its justification for restarting the upgrade. Organizations are often transparent about instances where their applications rolls out with bugs, so this statement makes it seem probable that Google wrongly released the AT&T build ahead of schedule.

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New Android Update Has Been Pulled By Google

One Reddit consumer complained that after side loading the upgrade, they were blocked from using Google Pay’s contact less feature and got an error message suggesting that their Pixel 4 XL was running uncertified software. If Google did, actually, fail to correctly certify the AT&T construct, that could brick other programs that require the identical certification also.

Pixel 4 features were not the only casualty of the March update. Pixel two owners also have complained that Google’s Live Caption feature, which generates subtitles for videos, vanished without warning after the patch. This, according to Google, wasn’t done in error; the attribute was apparently not supposed to roll out to Pixel 2 phones until March 12th, and it’ll be back on this date.

The March Android build includes a range of small but important updates, such as fixes for bugs in connectivity, program interfaces, confront unlock, and enhancements to movement sense gestures, 4K video playback, and auto focus at the camera.